About Me

Hey there beautiful people…

This is Jon here. First, before anything else, let me just come clean. I’m totally nuts about music to the point of obsession. There I said it and now I can tell more about this blog with a clear conscience ha ha ha.

So I have always been crazy about music, in fact I’m known for telling you what’s playing (the human version of Shezam). As a child I loved listening to the music my folks would play. They had a Technics turntable, a Sansui amplifier and some big ass black boxes for speakers. I still remember how the whole thing sounded. The sound was warm, sweet and very natural but above all it moved me. It just did.

Sadly, as time and technology moved on so did I. Then a few years ago I started getting back into vinyl. I wanted a record player that would be easy to carry around so I could take my music with me to friemd’s pads on the weekends when we’d hang. This is where I got inspired to do this blog because I researched exaustively and thought it would be immensely satisfying to share.

FYI: It is.

I started this blog almost a year ago just going over my journey of being re-inspired by vinyl music. Let’s see where it goes because I have no clue. 🙂

Jon Young