Collector Protector Record Cleaner and Carbon Fiber Record Brush Review

Collector Protector Vinyl Cleaner And Carbon Fiber Brush Review

The Collector Protector record spray and carbon fiber record brush set are designed to keep your vinyl sounding its best. This package comes with a bottle of cleaning solution and a brush made from carbon fiber, which won’t scratch or damage the surface of the record.

If you’ve searched for ways to keep your vinyl collection in perfect condition, then the odds are you may feel a little overwhelmed by some of the tedious and complicated cleaning processes you’ve come across. Which is why we gave this kit such a high rating. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to deep cleaning your vinyl each week, then this spray and brush combo will truly be a huge time saver.

The spray is light and fragrance-free and leaves your vinyl shining. Using this system allows you to efficiently and quickly clean your vinyl to keep both your record player and records in top shape.

Vinyl Cleaning Rundown and Features

This spray and brush set comes with a high-tech carbon fiber brush that can be used to eliminate static charges as it cleans. The bristles are designed to reach deep into the record’s grooves to remove even the smallest particles of dirt.

The brush, while small, features tightly bound bristles that are designed to efficiently remove grime, dust, and dirt.

The included record cleaning solution is formulated for anti-static and deep-cleaning, and won’t leave a residue behind when it dries. The spray comes in a small five-milliliter spray bottle and is ammonia and alcohol-free. The spray is designed to help improve and maintain the sound quality of vinyl records.

Taking care of your vinyl records isn’t optional, it’s crucial if you want to keep your records in excellent condition. Also, playing a dirty record can actually damage it, not to mention negatively affect the sound quality.

Properly caring for you vinyl will help to lengthen the life of your record player and your records.

To use this vinyl cleaning package, start with the cleaning solution first. Using the fiber brush first to remove built-up dust and debris can do more harm than good and it can also end up damaging the record. Spray a thin layer of the cleaner evenly on both sides of the record, using a microfiber cloth to remove the dirt and dust.

To use the brush, place the record on the turntable and lightly spray the record with more of the cleaning solution. Grab the brush, and using light pressure and allow the record to spin and slowly bring the brush toward you. The brush should be lifted straight up. The brush can be gently moved back and forth but you should not allow it to drag roughly along the grooves of the record.

For records that are mostly free of dust, you can use the brush before and after you play a record to continue to keep them clean and dust-free.

Keep in mind, just because a record is brand new doesn’t mean it’s clean. Make sure you clean a new record before you play it.

Vinyl Cleaning Kit Pros and Cons

Collector Protector Record  Cleaner and Carbon Fiber Record BrushPros: Most consumers can agree that the spray and brush work surprisingly well. The easy cleaning system allows you to simply touch down on the record with the brush while the record spins at a slower speed.

Once you use both the cleaning solution and the brush you’ll notice immediately how much clearer and brighter your music sounds. Some buyers also mentioned that any popping or skipping issues were also resolved once they cleaned their vinyl with this kit. Both skipping and popping sounds are common with dirty vinyl. As we have already mentioned, a record that’s dirty can actually damage your record player and the record itself, which is why it’s so important to clean your records often. This is something all audiophiles know, but often, new collectors are clueless about these types of maintenance needs.

If you have a large collection, then you can expect to go through this smaller bottle rather quickly. Fortunately, you won’t have to purchase an additional kit to continue using it as the manufacturer also sells refills, which is a huge bonus for consumers.

Cons: This package lost some points due to the handle on the brush falling off. Fortunately, the brush is actually covered under a two-year warranty against defects so you can simply contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

Some audiophiles had an issue with the lack of information that came with the spray. How to use it correctly is not included in the cleaning instructions at all. In fact, the spray isn’t even mentioned. You also won’t find any information on the packaging regarding how often to use the spray and what’s in it. For serious collectors, this lack of information may be enough to cause them to buy a different product.

Collector Protector Kit Conclusion and Rating

This Collector Protector record spray and brush will be the best thing to ever happen to your vinyl. This kit makes maintaining your records easy and fast and will actually work to improve the vinyl’s sound quality while also keeping them in mint condition. We can’t stress enough the importance of caring for your vinyl both to protect the records and your record player from serious damage that can occur over time. We love that this spray is easy to use, penetrates deep and doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue that can be harmful to your record player. The manufacturer also sells refills for the spray so you can continue to use the same product to keep your records looking new and sounding perfect. Despite some reports that the brush handle slips off at times, we still felt that this kit deserved a five-star rating. Whether you’re new to collecting vinyl or you’re a serious audiophile, this cleaning kit is something your records can’t do without.

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