Crosley CR401-TA Record Carrier Case Review

Crosley CR401-TA Record Carrier Case Review

The Crosley CR401 TA record carrier case is more than just a case you can use to tote all your vinyl around in, it’s also designed to keep your records, cool, safe, and dry. The case can hold up to thirty albums and features a resin and mesh handle, corner guards, and a chrome snap closure that keeps the case shut tight.

Vinyl Record Case Overview and Features

This Crosley case is a total throwback to the classic record cases that were used to store LPs in the 1960s. But it’s more than just a great looking case. In fact, it can hold thirty albums and will protect them from wear and tear that can occur during transport or damage that can occur due to improper storage.  When it comes to vinyl, proper handling and storage are crucial. It can mean the difference between a record collection that will last you decades or a collection that will perish during the summer.

This is a vinyl wrapped, highly durable case that will store your records neatly and appropriately, providing each record with more than enough protection against bumps and knocks that can happen when you’re transporting your records in the car or on the bus.

Additionally, it instantly makes your favorite records portable and gives you much-needed peace of mind knowing that they’ll be safe and secure when you’re traveling.

When it comes to basic record storage, a little care can go a long way. It’s important to properly store your  collection so you can prevent breakage, warping, dust accumulation or even mold growth.

If you fail to store your records properly in the home or when you travel, they’ll not only become unplayable but if you have an expensive collection their value can drop considerably.

The first important aspect of vinyl storage is storing them vertically, as opposed to stacking them. Vinyl records should never be laid flat. You also don’t want to stack records on top of each other. Over time, doing so can cause the records to warp.

Because this case is so secure, but its storage capacity is limited if you have a large collection we recommend purchasing multiple cases to ensure your records are stored safely in nice, compact, and highly portable cases.

Keep in mind, when stored together, vinyl records can get pretty heavy, so if you’re placing your case or cases on a shelf, double check to ensure that it’s sturdy enough to support their weight.

We also don’t recommend storing different sizes of records together. Keep your LPs separate from your 45s and your 78s.

Even when placed in this secure case, the environment in which you store your records can have an impact on whether they survive a colder than average winter or an extremely hot summer. The records should always be stored at room temperature or slightly lower. The room should also be as clean as possible with relatively low humidity.

This means you must avoid basements, attics, and any other location in the home that tends to come with a high risk of environmental extras such as dampness or freezing temperatures.

Light exposure should also be kept to a minimum, which is another benefit of storing your records in this Crosley case.

Keep the case away from vents, radiators, and any other heat source.

Even when stored in the case, make sure you always use sleeve made from high-density polyethylene. Any other type of covering can potentially damage the records. This includes the paper sleeves that come with the album.

Vinyl Record Storage Case by Crosley Pros and Cons

Crosley CR401-TA Record Carrier CasePros: This storage case is lignin-free. It also won’t retain a static charge. The case works out well in terms of how tightly it stores the records, giving them the right amount of room to breathe.

The weight of the case alone is seven pounds, so you know it’s built tough.

Most consumers were impressed with the quality of the case and felt that the thirty record capacity was perfect. Considering just the weight of the case, adding thirty records to it can add some heft. Any more records and the case would be too heavy to lift for some consumers.

The thick, durable resin handle makes transporting your records much easier. The sides feel thick and sturdy. We were impressed with the overall construction and the corner bumpers for added protection. The case itself features an attractive medium brown vinyl exterior that gives it a vintage look.

The case also offers a space-saving design that will allow you to store your entire collection neatly on its designated shelf. When stored in this case, in the right environment, your records can last for several years to come.

Cons: Some consumers weren’t fans of the cases’ free hinge design. The lid fully detaches from the case when it’s flipped open. However, others felt that removing the lid made it much easier to go through their records without having to deal with the lid tipping the case backward when it was nearly empty.

Crosley Cr401 Case Conclusion and Rating

The Crosley CR401 vinyl records case is built tough. It’s sturdy, comes equipped with a handle, and makes storing your records both easy and convenient. The design also makes these cases highly portable and suitable for travel. While the fact that the lid is detachable was a downside for some, most consumers could see the value in a design that allows you to quickly go through your albums without dealing with a heavy lid getting in the way. This is a great case for the price and one that will keep out light, prevent mold growth, dust accumulation and keep your records cool and dry. This model received a rating of four and a half stars for all the reasons listed above and for the fact that it does a great job of giving consumers much-need peace of mind knowing that their records will be stored safely and securely wherever they end up.

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